11 Minutes in Heaven Workout

Do you remember the Middle School game 7 Minutes in Heaven? You would go hide in a closet with your crush and pretend to make-out (or maybe you did make-out)…well, this weeks workout is a lot like that.

hola beach club-2

You may be asking yourself ‘How is this anything like 7 Minutes in Heaven?’ I mean, no one is hanging out in a closet with a stinky 7th grade boy! Well, here’s how…You will feel sexier when you’re done, you will have the confidence to kiss more boys (hopefully none of which are in 7th grade), and you will be done in only 11 minutes (slightly longer than the closet)! Go! Enjoy this workout and let us know what you would like to see next!!

Okay…maybe this is nothing like 7 minutes in heaven….but it is a great workout!

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