Vertical training removes all horizontal support and stabilization. Because of this the autonomic nervous system activates the “fight or flight” response and calls on all 603 muscles to keep your body on the wall. Even when isolating certain muscles or muscle groups, every muscle is activated getting the client better results in less time. And it is not just your body that will benefit from FitWall. Brain training is also an aspect of vertical training. When you are vertical, all the muscles in the body are forced to connect to the inner ear and simultaneously improve coordination, balance, speed and agility.

Fitwall classes combine circuit training and High Intensity Interval training for a heart pumping 45 minute full body blast. Every FitWall class will focus on cardio, strength and core training. We will be combining FitWall with many other functional training pieces such as: TRX, ViPR, Bosu, stability balls, slam balls, Kettle Bells and much more. You will never do the same class twice. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.FitWall