Ouch! Do You Know The Best Workouts For Injury Rehabilitation?

Pilates is a safe workout for all body types and is used for rehabilitation of injuries. I have heard many of our clients express concerns that they need to stop working out to recover from an injury.  Pilates is a great option for clients who feel this way. Pilates is not only a great full body workout, it has no impact on the body and it is extremely easy on joints. The Pilates equipment is an instrumental part of why the method is so effective. The Pilates Method has been integrated into many rehabilitative programs to help speed the recovery of injuries and chronic pain. There are numerous benefits to adding Pilates into any exercise routine.

After teaching the Pilates method for 12 years, I have seen first hand how Pilates can change bodies. It is amazing to me how one form of exercise can really be so versatile to accommodate every unique body type and every body issue. I have many clients today that are recovering from surgeries and have been able to manage chronic pain by just doing the Pilates Method.  Pilates is done in a very controlled manner and very precise movements.  The exercises can be adjusted to accommodate client’s specific needs.

Pilates apparatus work combines the use of specialized equipment that works against body resistance and resistance provided by tension of springs. The spring tension can be adjusted to change the resistance to varying degrees. The apparatus also provides a pulley system that provides further exercise options. Advances are continually being made in the apparatus offering even more options for clients rehabbing injuries. Over time the method keeps evolving and becoming even more diverse. I have observed how the fundamentals of the Pilates Method are being adopted into many other exercise programs because they truly are the groundwork for being able to re-align the body and prevent injury in a safe and effective way.

Pilates can reduce symptoms of chronic pain and help to rehabilitate the back, neck, hips, shoulders and knees. The method can improve balance, coordination, circulation, strength and flexibility as well as improve postural problems and postural weakness. Pilates enhances functional fitness, is great for sports conditioning and injury prevention as well as provide ease of every day movement. Pilates is amazing for post-natal exercise.

After reading the benefits of the Pilates Method, I hope you will feel inspired to add the Method to your exercise routine, or feel motivated to incorporate it into your daily life to rehabilitate or prevent injury. If you are serious about treating your pain from an injury, no matter how old, please consult us on what is the best way to get started and we will have you on the road to recovery in no time. Discover the benefits of Pilates today!

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