Welcome Tara Basagoitia

New Piloxing Instructor Comes to Elevate!

Elevate Fit Club is so excited to welcome Tara Basagoitia to the Elevate team! Tara is a Colorado native with more than 14 years in the fitness industry. Not only is Tara a fitness instructor and personal trainer but, and, this is the really exciting part, she is also a Regional Role Promotor for Piloxing and will be bringing Piloxing to Elevate.

Elevate Fit Club will be the first and flagship studio in Colorado to offer Piloxing classes! Tara will be leading a free demo class on Saturday August 23rd at 9am. Be one of the first to experience a true master class in this groundbreaking new fitness technique! As always, space is limited so please reserve your spot today


Tara is an energetic and enthusiastic instructor and we know you’re going to love her. Here’s a little more about Tara:


Elevate: what drew you to piloxing?

Tara: The barefoot training, the Pilates and Cardio combination aspects

Elevate: What can I expect from a Piloxing class? How is it different?

Tara: You can expect to feel strong, sexy and powerful. Youll have an amazing workout and have a blast doing it! You can definitely expect to sweat but feel rejuvenated afterward!

Elevate: What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

Tara: To have so many sunny days! I lived in Washington for 18 months and it wasn’t until I was there, that I realized how much sunshine we get in Colorado.

Elevate: What’s your favorite fitness tip, move or workout?

Tara: I love all fitness workouts but my favorite would have to be Pilates and Piloxing

Elevate: How do you reward yourself for reaching a fitness goal?

Tara: A spa day!

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